Straight talk and honest answers from your 'Steam Genie' Professional.

Once you realize the importance of periodic carpet cleaning, you're faced with lot of confusing and conflicting claims made by competing carpet cleaners. But don't despair. We’re happy to provide you with some straight talk and honest answers on the subject of carpet care.

Q & A

Q. What's this steam cleaning process that I’ve heard so much about recently?

A. The ‘Steam Genie’ steam cleaning process is the most advanced cleaning technique yet developed to clean your valuable carpets. Super-pressure jet pumps inject high temperature cleaning solution deep into the fabric of your carpet. Then, an instant later a high suction vacuum draws the solution back out of the carpet, taking with it months of harmful grit, grease, and grime. Surging solution is injected, then extracted.

Q. All that powerful cleaning action sounds pretty harsh. Won't it hurt my carpets?

A. On the contrary. The 'Steam Genie' system cleans with water, gentle chemicals and air. The vigorous in-and-out, back-and-forth flow of water and air sends cleaning solution surging through every inch of your carpets. But, there are no abrasive brushes to hurt carpet fibers or crush carpet pile. 'Steam Genie' power actually helps prevent carpet damage by getting right down to the bottom to remove fiber-cutting grit and mildew-causing moisture. And the ’Steam Genie' system is safe and colorfast on virtually every imaginable carpet fiber. Regular 'Steam Genie' care can actually make your carpets last years longer, saving you the cost of replacing them.

Q. Where are the suds? Wouldn’t suds clean better than that spray?

A. Well, the ‘Steam Genie‘ system avoids suds like the plague. You see, it‘s almost impossible to get rid of suds without a positive rinsing action. Traces of suds just linger on forever; leaving a residue of dirty detergent in your carpet. Imagine washing a thick wool sweater in nice sudsy detergent, then laying it out to dry without rinsing it. Your sweater will never be the same again. It’s the same with your carpets. In fact, your ‘Steam Genie' Professional can tell if you’ve ever ‘shampooed’ your carpets. He’ll show you the dirty detergent residue that the ‘Steam Genie‘ system extracts. Through modern chemical research, we have assembled a collection of exclusive cleaning agents. They do their best work without the problem of sudsy residue. Their cleaning action has three stages: suspension, emulsification, and saponification - fancy names for the kind of cleaning power that will bring your carpets back to life.

Q. It sounds like steam cleaning is the thing for me. But why don't I just rent a machine at the grocery store and do it myself?

A. Two good reasons. First, it's a lot of work! Hot, sweaty work, lugging sloshing buckets of dirty water, lifting and moving furniture, and carting the contraption back and forth to the store. And after you've spent eight hours doing what the pro can do in two, you'll discover the second reason. No rental unit can even come close to the incredible power of the 'Steam Genie' system. It's ten to twenty times as powerful as the machine you get from the store. Why, some ‘Steam Genie' equipment is so big and powerful that it won't even fit in your front door. It's mounted on the service truck, like a cleaning factory on wheels.

Q. I'm impressed. Now tell me how often I should have my carpets 'Steam Genie' cleaned?

A. Of course, that depends on how dirty they get. A good rule of thumb would be to have them cleaned at least once a year. In that one year, your carpets have endured thousands of dirty footsteps, hundreds of little accidents, and scores of major disasters.


Mix 3 tablespoons of electric dishwater detergent in one quart of water. (If you don’t dilute it, it will take the color out.)

Douse a white wash cloth and ring it out.

Put in microwave for one minute.

Lay white wash cloth over stain and apply pressure.

We’re proud of the job we do for you.

The 'Steam Genie' injection system loosens the grit and grime deep down, where no foam aerosol or shampoo can reach.

Carpet wear and tear is minimized because there are no brushes to twist or crush carpet fibers. Carpet pile is lifted and fluffed by the vacuum stream.

The high power extraction process whisks dirt and odors away, along with almost all of the moisture. Your carpets dry in hours, with no lingering sudsy residue.

When we clean your carpets, we do all the work: all the lifting, moving, scrubbing and sweating. You just sit back and watch your carpets come back to life.