We use a power stretcher to restretch the carpet

Randy does all the repairs and has 30 years of repair experience. He has seen it all!!

Restore the life of your carpet with Carpet Masters of California!

★ Pet repairs
★ Burns
★ Seam repairs
★ Stain removal
★ Pet odor removal

★ Repadding
★ Restretching
★ Squeaky floors
★ Flood damage reinstallation

You used to love the soft feel of your carpet under your feet and how it tied together the look of your living room, but now that it is several years old, your beloved carpet just isn’t the same. You’ve tried everything to remove those stains and restore that pleasant feel, but nothing seems to do the trick. Before you go tearing it up for a new one, give Carpet Masters of California a call. As a leading carpet cleaning company in Santa Clarita, we offer many services that can bring your carpet back to the condition you used to love and adore.

The Best Steam Cleaning Services in Santa Clarita

When it comes to removing deep-seated dirt, mold, and stains from carpeting, vacuuming and scrubbing just doesn’t cut it. You need professional steam cleaning services. At Carpet Master of California, we have provided the entire Santa Claritaarea with the best steam cleaning services since 1981. We take great pride in the fact that our steam cleaning services not only help to improve the look of our clients’ carpeting, but help to remove harmful allergens, like dust and mold. You are sure to notice the difference in the air after you get your carpets steam cleaned.

Get your carpets looking like new again today!

Has your carpet seen better days? Whether for your home or business, steam cleaning yields many benefits. With Carpet Masters of California, you are sure to impress your house guests or show your customers and employees that you care. Give us a call today if you would like a free quote. We proudly offer competitive prices to the people of Santa Claritaand are more than happy to customize a steam cleaning maintenance program to your exact needs. Rest easy knowing that all of our work is guaranteed. We are looking forward to hearing from you!